Saturday, April 11, 2009

An intro

I figured it was time to do an intro for this blog. My name is not something i'll be using on here, simply because I'll be leaving this public, and for reasons that I'll explain in a minute, I try not to be too easily identifiable in public spaces. Most of my friends call me T, or Birdie, or apparently, most recently, Sunny. I'm a 28 year old wife of 5 years to a police officer, which is the reason for the anonymity...having someone who's been arrested by my hubby find me online is not exactly my cup of tea. if he is referred to at all in this blog it will be as B, or boy, or hubby. i am currently halfway through my pregnancy with our first child, who will be known on here as A, or gummy bear, or froggie. (what, you wanted us to be one nickname a piece type of people? sorry bout that :))
This is going to be for my crafty blog, so there probably won't be much about either B, or A, and pretty much a lot of talking about my adventures in knitting, spinning, and whatever else i try my hand at.
I taught myself to knit about 2 years ago, and can hold my own with simple patterns, but for the most part i'm still a needless to say A will not have a full layette of hand-knitted things...unless my BFF who is an amazing knitter goes crazy, which is always possible :) i've considered learning to crochet, but that's really my MIL's gig, so that has kinda been backburnered.
Spinning is something i started learning about 6 or 7 months ago (with a brief hiatus due to 1st trimester hormone sickness-not morning sickness, because it was an all day affair, but you get the idea) from a friend who will be known as Wytchy (what goes around comes around toots ;-)) on here. i wasn't sure how i was going to like it, but it was something that i figured at the very least would let me complement my BFF & MIL's talents, instead of being in competition (at least in my own mind...because i wasn't really competition at all for either of these women who have been honing their craft for many more years than i have) with them. Once i got past the initial frustration of learning (admittedly, i'm adhd enough that if something doesn't come super easily, i sometimes just throw in the towel) i discovered that i really did enjoy it and once i got going, it was easy to do while carrying on a conversation, or watching tv (see previously mentioned ADHD). I started on a drop spindle, which came fairly easily, and was easy enough to pack up and take it with me (and also was safe to use around both my, and my in-laws dogs) but when i switched to a wheel was when some of the frustration started to set in. Wytchy was a great teacher though, and was willing to help me with even my dumbest questions, but at the same time be very hands off (i'm one of those people that gets very possessive, and if i ask you to help me with something, tell me what to do, don't reach over and touch what i'm doing to show me...i am willing to completely admit that i'm a strange's part of my charm) I started learning on her Ashford Kiwi and was getting the hang of it slowly, all the while eyeing her Merlin Tree Roadbug with trepidation (the thought of controlling everything with one treadle instead of two was a little bit intimidating). Imagine my surprise recently when I tried it out recently and found it to be a much smoother spin for me, with better results all the way around. I have decided that when we go to the Sheep and Wool Festival in our state in a couple of weeks, I am going to try out the new version of it with the removable second treadle. And...possibly come home with it...cementing B's thoughts that i'm a little insane.
I've been working with pencil roving for the past few months, just to try to get the hang of everything without worrying about the different lengths of roving while trying to learn the ins and outs of spinning to begin with. fairly soon i'm going to be moving on to different types of roving/fleece, and am hopeful that MIL will allow me to spin the yarn for the christening blanket that she wants to make for A.
Ok, this "intro" seems to have gone on forever...kudos to you if you made it this far :) so i'm going to log off and figure out what i should be doing in this crappy weather.

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The WoolWytch said...

What to do in this crappy weather?

I'll be making candy coated cake balls and spinning on beaky!

Welcome to fiber blogging! I have to say I really enjoy being able to blather about it and get feedback from like minded folks. Besides - they don't think I'm completely nutters for talking about fiber staples (length for those who don't know, not something to hold pages together made of metal) and tension.